Danish data center purchased by Penta Infra

Sentia Denmark’s data center in Glostrup is purchased by European data center provider Penta Infra.

Sentia has chosen to divest the data center as a bid to focus more on cloud services and digital experience management.

“Running a data center is not Sentia’s core business. Therefore, we have decided to sell this part of the business and establish a partnership with Penta Infra, which has the right competencies and prerequisites to run the data center,” says Jakob Høholdt, CEO of Sentia Denmark, in the press release.

Penta Infra operates a number of data centers in the Netherlands and Germany, and the acquisition of Sentia Danmark’s data centers is the first step for Penta Infra, which is seeking to enter the Nordic market.

“The acquisition fits perfectly with Penta’s strategy of expanding our European services to Denmark and thus adding another location to our existing edge facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. We consider Copenhagen as a European hub from which further expansion in the region will be possible,” says Alex Bakker, partner and founder of Penta Infra, in the press release.

“We are delighted by the news and welcome Penta Infra to the Danish data center market. This investment is a testament to the growing and dynamic data center market here in Denmark, and we look forward to collaborate with them in the near future”, says Henrik Hansen, CEO of the Danish Data Center Association.

In addition to the sale, the intention is to enter into a partnership in which Sentia Denmark can continue to provide its services at the now Penta-owned data center.

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