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    The Danish Data Center Industry (DDI) promotes the data center sector in Denmark. As the industry association, we represent the interests of both the private and public sector, including operators, vendors, municipalities, educational institutions and utility companies.

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We organize conferences, participate at exhibitions, and facilitate networking events among our members and share important industry knowledge.
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Our current member base reflect the high-caliber data center supply network in Denmark and abroad. We offer three different types of memberships.
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About the association

DDI is a not-for-profit organisation, which represents the Danish data center ecosystem. The primary role of our association is to develop the domestic sector, by focusing on sustainability, skills and national legal frameworks. We support the establishment of new business relationships nationally and internationally.

DDI actively works on strengthening the cooperation between private and public organisations, since the flexible and smooth cooperation between public and private sector in Denmark is an important competitive advantage compared to many other countries.

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