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    The Danish Data Center Industry (DDI) serves the purpose of attracting more data center investments to Denmark. As the industry association, we represent the interests of the private sector, municipalities and utility companies operating within the data center supply chain.

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  • Protection of your data

    The new General Data Protection Regulation came into force on May 25th 2018, and therefore, we wish to inform you about how we, at the Danish Data Center Industry (DDI), collect and process data, which we receive from members and stakeholders.

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  • Autumn Networking Meetup

    Danish Data Center Industry (DDI) hosts a networking meetup for its members in Copenhagen on 10th of September 2019. The topic is networks and connectivity. Further details about the networking event will be announced later.

  • Webinar

    Danish Data Center Industry (DDI) invites members and non-members to our second webinar on 19th of September 2019. More information on the topic and speakers will be announced soon.

News & Activities

We organize conferences, participate at exhibitions, and facilitate networking events among our members and share important industry knowledge.
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Our current member base reflect the high-caliber data center supply network in Denmark and abroad.

About the association

DDI provides an overview of the organisations who deliver cutting-edge solutions, products and services to the data center industry in Denmark and abroad. The primary role of our association is to make it easier for you to do business with us. We support the establishment of new business relationships nationally and internationally.

DDI will also strengthen the cooperation among private and public companies, since the flexible and smooth cooperation between public and private sector in Denmark is an important competitive advantage compared to many other countries.

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DDI er med på Folkemødet 2019. Hør fra vores næstformand Tina Schou på Klima og Energi Scenen fredag d.14 Juni fra kl.10.30-11.30! #fmdk #DataCenter

#datacenter sustainability in the circular economy! The Nordics are leading the sustainability race! #datacenters #RenewableEnergy #google #EON #vattenfall

Steen Hommel from @InvestinDenmark talking about the #datacenter opportunities in Denmark at @DatacloudGlobal #datacenters #renewables #greenfuture

On June 5 Steen Hommel @InvestinDenmark will be sharing a case study on Denmark - The New Northern European Digital Hub at #DatacloudCongress at 15.00h. Make sure to attend on the day https://t.co/lc1AkxFCjx

This week, Corgan's, Mike Hemme participated in the @DanishDCI panel on designing, building and operating hyperscale-level data centers in today's environment. Thanks #DCDK19 for hosting these discussions!

#corgandatacenters #datacenters