Data Center conference to focus on sustainability

Danish Data Center Industry, in collaboration with the UNEP-DTU Partnership, will be hosting an event for regional and international data center stakeholders. Data Centers Denmark will be taking place on 15 May 2019 at the UN City in Copenhagen, with a key focus on IT infrastructure energy challenges.

As the data center industry experiences rapid growth and consumes a vast amount of power, governments, infrastructure operators and technology giants increasingly recognize the need for smart energy usage from both a commercial and public perspective.

Danish Data Center Industry (DDI) has teamed up with UNEP-DTU Partnership for an event, bringing together industry professionals along with energy infrastructure experts, policy makers and regulators, to collectively tackle the rapidly escalating energy usage of data centers.

“We are delighted to host an event in Copenhagen together with the UNEP-DTU Partnership, that seeks to gather the industry to address key issues facing the global data center industry, whilst highlighting Danish innovations within green energy solutions. Denmark has a lot to offer in terms of green energy solutions, and therefore it is important that we utilize our potential”, said Henrik Hansen, CEO of Danish Data Center Industry.

UNEP-DTU Partnership driving the sustainability agenda

Fittingly, the event will take place in the UN City, an impressive and sustainable building.  DDI hopes to set a precedent for building and operating sustainable digital IT infrastructure.

The event Co-Host, UNEP-DTU Partnership, a leading international research and advisory institution on energy, climate and sustainable development, is also set to present at the event.

“Currently, the world’s data centres consumes about 3% of global electricity, and by 2025 up to 20% of all electricity in the world is expected to be used in connection to the datacenter industry. This economic and environmental impact requires both the industry and policymakers around the world to focus on developing energy efficient data centers as part of a sustainable landscape,” says Gabriela Dias, Head of Strategy at UNEP-DTU Partnership.

“With sustainability being the core pillar of the event, we are delighted to welcome industry stakeholders at the UN City in Copenhagen to discuss how energy efficient data centers can be a part of the solution to a sustainable future,” she adds.

The event will be attended by major industry stakeholder such as Facebook, European Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uptime Institute, Google, Danske Bank, GlobalConnect A/S, DigiPlex, Interxion and many more regional and international stakeholders.

Register for the event

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The Danish Data Center Industry (DDI) is the industry body representing the Danish data center ecosystem and was born out of the want to make it easier for operators to do business with Denmark. To date, both the private and the public sector in Denmark have very well received DDI with an ever-growing member community.

ABOUT UNEP-DTU Partnership

UNEP DTU Partnership is a leading international research and advisory institution on energy, climate and sustainable development. The partnership conducts in-depth research, policy analysis, and capacity building activities, to assist developing countries in their efforts to progress towards a climate resilient low carbon future.
UNEP DTU Partnerships Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency is the thematic hub for energy efficiency under the SEforALL Initiative with prime responsibility to support action towards doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency by 2030.