Denmark dubbed as the best place in the world to build a data center

Denmark tops Investment Monitors Data Centre Ranking 2020, closely followed by its Nordic neighbors Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Tech Monitor reports that Denmark has come out on top in the index conducted by Investment Monitor, which measured countries around the globe on 29 benchmarks. The index covers areas within IT Infratructure, energy, security, costs, and market conditions to scout for the world’s best data center location. Denmark scored the first place with 78.70 points, followed narrowly by Sweden’s second place with 78.25 points. Finland came in 5th place  (75.39) with Norway scoring the 6th place (73.70).

Denmark tops the Data Centre Ranking 2020

It comes as no surprise that the Nordic countries are dominating in the greenfield data center space due to several advantages this region has, including cooler climate, abundance of renewable energy as well as lucrative and innovative business environments.

Despite the fierce competition, Denmark came out on top of the 2020 ranking, scoring high on IT infrastructure, high speed connectivity and robust security alongside power, land and water availability.

“Denmark has been able to attract prominent data center investors such as Apple, Facebook and Google, and is currently seeing a wave of investments from notable colocation providers. We have the necessary infrastructure and optimal environment to build and operate data centers that are highly sustainable, efficient, connected and secure ,” says Henrik Hansen, CEO of the Danish Data Center Industry.

Danish Data Center Industry will be diving further into the market conditions in Denmark, with the release of their Danish Data Center Market report 2021.

“This year, we released our very first market report covering the Danish data center market. We are currently gathering data for our 2021 report, which will provide a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of market dynamics, trends and forecasts,” says COO Merima Dzanic, who is spearheading the research. The report will be released to the members of the association in March 2021.


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