Protection of your data

The new General Data Protection Regulation came into force on May 25th 2018, and therefore, we wish to inform you about how we, at the Danish Data Center Industry (DDI), collect and process data, which we receive from members and stakeholders.

Disclosure of personal data
We collect data about name, company address, postcode, email, and phone number, continuously. The collection occurs, when you register for our events or you evaluate our various initiatives. These personal data are never disclosed to third party without your explicit consent. We use Google Analytics for collection of website data (see their Privacy Policy here).

When you register for an event, the compulsory data is clearly marked on the form. Submission of additional data in connection with registration for a service is optional.

Ongoing changes in the protection of personal data
The rapid development implies that changes in our processing of personal data might be necessary. Therefore, we reserve the right to update and change current guidelines for processing of personal data. In the event of significant changes, we will inform you by posting a clear message on our websites.

Registration of information
DDI processes and saves all documents in connection with established and potential membership companies digitally. Customarily, DDI will register the following information about a company or potential company in connection with a membership with DDI:

  • Company name and CVR number
  • Company phone number, address, postcode, and city
  • Name, email and mobile number of the contact person
  • Information about the company, including agreements on follow-up or specific actions that needs to be implemented by the client or DDI

The information is saved in an excel worksheet on Viborg municipality’s server and partially with MailChimp and NemTilmeld. The collected information will be processed according to the operator’s data progressing agreement (see MailChimp’s Privacy Policy here. And Nemtilmeld’s data processing agreement here). The registered information is intended to assist the client within the agreed fields. This includes contributing to create an overview of relevant business and industry challenges, in order to implement initiatives most effectively. No subsequent data transfer of personal data will occur.

If a client wants to see, which data DDI has registered on the company or the contact person, the company is asked to contact DDI’s secretariat.

Membership of DDI
When you become a member of DDI, the company and contact person are made aware that they will receive offers and opportunities through email and newsletters.

DDI registers the following data about our members.

  • Company name, address, phone number, email, and CVR number
  • Name of contact person including the person’s email, and phone number

The data is stored in the previously mentioned excel worksheet, MailChimp, NemTilmeld, including in the Economics accounting system for invoicing uses.

A welcome email will mention this, and the email is sent immediately after registration with the association, and on our website.

The purpose of registering these data is to provide DDI with an overall overview of the members and to, continuously, be able to inform them of their opportunities as a member.

If a member cancels their membership with DDI, it is possible to have their data deleted by sending an email or calling DDI’s secretariat.

After deleting the information in excel and MailChimp, DDI will, however, store invoice information according to applicable legislation and audit requirements.

DDI newsletter
Both members and non-members may subscribe to DDI’s newsletter for free. By subscribing to the newsletter, you accept to receive newsletters from DDI 10-15 times a year. DDI will save your name and email address in the assigned newsletter system. You may always unsubscribe to the newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter or by sending an email to

Digital contact with DDI
If you contact DDI digitally (electronic contact form or email) with questions, suggestions or otherwise, you should be aware, that the inquiry will be forwarded to the relevant member of staff, who will report back. The inquiry will be deleted from DDI’s general email, when it has been forwarded to the relevant member of staff.

Participation in DDI meetings
When you register for one of DDI’s events, the following data is registered:

  • Company name, name of participant and the person’s email, and mobile number
  • At paid events, billing email or EAN number might be requested

The data is registered and stored at DDI’s supplier NemTilmeld, who handles the administration of the various events.  The NemTilmeld system generates participant lists for distribution and nametags. At some events, the list of participants is sent to the participants in advance, so they are able to plan, who they want to contact at the meeting. For the most part, the purpose of DDI’s event is to strengthen the participant’s network and cooperation, and knowing the other participants in advance best facilitates this. If, as a participant, you do not want to be on a list of participants, please notify us by via the comments box on the registration page.

Use of pictures
DDI takes pictures at our events. These pictures may be used for a news email about the event, for our social media, for press releases, for the DDI website, and for various marketing material, etc. It is noted that pictures will be taken at event registration.

If, as a participant, you do not want to be in these pictures, you may notify us in the comments box at registration or by contacting a DDI member of staff at the beginning of the event.

If you have any queries!
Should you have any queries after reading the above, you are always welcome to contact us at or by phone: +45 8725 5151 for additional information.