Google acquires additional land in Fredericia

Fredericia City Council has approved the sale of a business area of ​​just over 120,000 sqm to Google. The land is a direct extension of the current data center in Taulov. A purchase of an additional approximately 375,000 sqm was also approved.

“With the purchase of the additional land, we get the opportunity to expand our presence at a later date. Exactly how is still too early to say”, says Google’s data center manager, Arni Jonsson, in the press release.

Google has not taken a position on how and when the additional land will actually be used.

In 2015, Google bought a 730,000 m2 area in Fredericia, and in 2020 after two years of construction, the company was able to celebrate the opening of the new data center. Having one of the world’s largest tech companies in the municipality provides both jobs and exciting opportunities for cooperation for the benefit of the municipality’s citizens and associations. Google’s green profile also falls into good soil in Fredericia, according to the Mayor Steen Wrist.

“We are proud and happy that Google has chosen to get involved in Fredericia. With the purchase of the additional land, Google is buying into more options here in the future, and that is extremely positive. And of course a statement that Google wants to invest in Fredericia. ”

Google has a tradition of actively engaging with the local community. In Fredericia, the city’s mechanical engineering school has twice received scholarships, which has helped to develop a new teaching process and the construction of a mini test data center.

Read the full press release here.