DDI Working Group: Skills & Education

Chair: Arnth Nielsen


Globally, the data center industry is experiencing a skill shortage. With many seasoned data center employees reaching retirement age in a rapidly growing industry, data center operators face staffing problems. Today, operators are struggling to recruit and retain sufficient qualified staff to provide and grow reliable operations.

To attract, train, develop and upskill a diverse data center workforce for the Danish data center industry.

In order to achieve this overall objective, DDI sets four goals:

Goal 1: Promote and educate the data center industry to prospective and current students
Goal 2: Create on-going partnerships between educational sector and the industry
Goal 3: Support students with work placements
Goal 4: Tap into the needs of the industry with regards to skills and competencies

Each of these goals requires separate strategies in order to achieve them. To achieve each goal, some of the strategies that DDI could undertake include:

Strategies for Goal 1: Collect facts and figures, case studies, highlight current students/workers in various formats 3 times a year. Invite students and the industry to networking events.
Measurement: Promote facts and figures and highlighted case studies. Host annual career and internship day.

Strategies for Goal 2: Identify and connect relevant companies to educational institutions with relevant programme/degrees with the aim to establish ongoing partnerships
Measurement: Matchmake companies with educational institutions and set up rolling “contracts”

Strategies for Goal 3: Include students in relevant networking meetings, and connect them to relevant organisations/persons with the aim to
Measurement: Successful work placements for students in ongoing data center programmes

Strategies for Goal 4:
Arrange yearly surveys with operators and vendors with the aim to collect feedback on ongoing skills and competencies requirements. Include these in various content e.g., annual report etc.
Measurement: Survey question analysis

= Debriefing by chair 2- 3 times a year

Upcoming WG Meetings:

WG focus area briefing – 30 August from 14.30-16.00 (Online)
WG focus area and project introduction – 14 September from 14.00-16.30 (In Person)