Framework Conditions & Public Affairs

DDI Working Group: Framework Conditions & Public Affairs

Chair: Thomas Volder

A strong data center ecosystem, backed by the right legal frameworks, can greatly benefit the Danish society, spurring growth opportunities within education, infrastructure, international collaboration, export, and the green transition.

DDI will support the industry, by highlighting the economic impact and importance of digital infrastructure for the economy, ensuring that Denmark stays competitive regarding digital infrastructure legislation impacting sustainability and operational costs related to energy prices, taxes and other framework conditions that might impact the domestic sector.

In order to achieve this overall objective, DDI sets three goals:

Goal 1: Champion for favorable climate for data center investments and operations and highlight the data center industry’s positive impact on socio-economic affaires in Denmark
Goal 2: Provide an overview of the industry (facts and figures)
Goal 3: Promote and influence legal frameworks for the benefit of improved location strategies

Each of these goals requires separate strategies in order to achieve them. To achieve each goal, some of the strategies that DDI could undertake include:

Strategies for Goal 1: Regular engagement in media, production of a “5 years with data centers” supplement/report, which includes strong case studies from DDI members.
Measurement: Final product marketed and sent to relevant stakeholders and partners.

Strategies for Goal 2: Collect fact sheet + case studies to recite/repurpose in various events/occasions/media
Measurement: Production of a fact sheet

Strategies for Goal 3: Actively work with partners to push for optimal legal frameworks in particular with regards to strategic site selection processes.
Measurement: Collaboration with Dansk Fjernvarme to collaborate on joint legal frameworks surrounding location strategies.

= Debriefing by chair 2- 3 times a year

Group Meetings:

1st Group Briefing: 31th August 2021 from 12.00-13.30 (Online)

Presentation of WG focus areas: 14 September 2021 from 14.00 (In-person event)