Energy & Sustainability

DDI Working Group: Energy & Sustainability
Chair: Søren Schønnemann

Data center sustainability is an ongoing global issue. With the data center industry on the road to take up almost 3% of the total global energy consumption, we need to ensure that the industry keeps CO2 emissions down. There is plenty of big questions to focus upon when it comes to data center sustainability in 2021 and beyond; a sustainable recovery from COVID, the role of cleantech, concerns for the future, risks around greenwashing, regulation, legislation, mindset changes and more.

Designing, building, and operating carbon-free data centers with responsibility, transparency, and accountability

In order to achieve this overall objective, DDI sets four goals:

Goal 1: Build out the energy networks and increase green energy generation in Denmark
Goal 2: Recycle the excess heat from data centers
Goal 3: Support and develop energy-efficiency innovations
Goal 4: Align the industry with SDG goals


Each of these goals requires separate strategies in order to achieve them. To achieve each goal, some of the strategies that DDI could undertake include:

Strategies for Goal 1: Create discussions and outline the possibilities of the role of the data center in the Danish green transition, hereunder the role of P2X and data centers.
Measurement: Host/engagement with topic via webinars, conferences, and events.

Strategies for Goal 2: Explore the possibility of excess heat reuse in Denmark with detailed case study analysis with industry partners.
Measurement: Final product of a mini rapport focusing on the topic.

Strategies for Goal 3: Actively work to progress the TIDA project with DDI members and partners
Measurement: Set up of TIDA phase 1 (certification) + TIDA phase 2 (physical site)

Strategies for Goal 4: Push towards circular economy principles adoption and Scope 3 emissions measurements in the data center industry.
Measurement: Organise yearly summit discussing the topics and encouraging cross-sector collaborations

= Debriefing by chair 2- 3 times a year

WG Meetings:
1st WG Briefing 26 August from 14.30 (Online)
WG focus areas presentation 14 September (In Person)