1. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that Datacenterindustrien’s organisation and activities do not result in any violations of the Danish and EU competition laws, including by formation of cartels or other illegal market coordination through illegal exchange of information between members in connection with meetings and other activities organised by Datacenterindustrien.
  2. When joining the Association, the members are obliged to make themselves acquainted with this Code of Conduct, the most recent version of which is available at Datacenterindustrien’s home page.

Illegal activities

  1. The members may neither share or discuss the following:
    • Specific information concerning current and future prices, including discounts and similar information of competitive importance.
    • Information suitable to reveal planned future production, sales, investments or business development.
    • Information suitable to disclose marginal costs and profit.
    • Information relating to market shares, production capacity, research and development plans, marketing and distribution strategies, current or expected offers, customer lists, rejection or termination of customers, territories, and sales to specific customer groups.
    • Standard terms, which directly or indirectly affect the pricing, including terms of payment and the like.
    • Information suitable for counteracting innovation and product development, including, for instance, product differentiation and technical development.
  2. Datacenterindustrien may at any time exclude a member if a member takes part in illegal activities, whether it takes place within or beyond Datacenterindustrien’s field of activities.
  3. Likewise, Datacenterindustrien is prevented from participating in any way in activities conflicting with clause 2.1 above, including the communication of guidelines and recommendations suitable for reducing competition.

Legal activities

The members are allowed to share and discuss the following information:

  • General information about the market development, including, for instance, potential for growth, commodity supplies, and general trends.
  • Aggregated and statistic information, including, for example, historical prices, which are more than one year old, and if it is collected by Datacenterindustrien for the benefit of all members in such a way that it is impossible to identify which specific members the information concerns.
  • General information about new or more effective production methods.
  • General and neutral information about cost development.
  • Neutral information about new expert knowledge.
  • General standard terms which are not suitable for competition or which might in fact affect competition.
  • Information about education, environment, and ethics for the purpose of a positive development of the line of business and the public image.

This Code of Conduct has been issued by the Association’s board of directors on 21 March 2017.