180.000 DKK to literature: Facebook Odense Data Center donates to libraries in Odense

Facebook Odense Data Center has donated DKK 180,000 to Odense Libraries and to the Citizen Service Center, to cover the costs associated with increased digital lending during the corona crisis.


Since the lockdown measures due to COVID-19 were introduced in early March, the citizens of Odense have been lending books, audiobooks, and music digitally from Odense Libraries.  The libraries have experienced a 200-300% increase in e-book and audiobooks lending. This has led to increased cost in keeping up with the spikes in demand for digital services for the libraries.

Facebook Odense Data Center has stepped up and decided to support the local libraries by donating 180.000 DKK, which will help the libraries in Odense to maintain their digital services, as well as build upon expanding their digital platforms for future demands.

“ We are grateful for Facebook’s support in our digital library services. This donation shows that their presence in Odense has a wider impact, stretching to necessary basic functions in our community, which benefits many citizens here”, said Kent Skov, the Director of Odense’s Libraries.

Supports digital platforms

Facebook, who announced their Odense data center build in 2017, are ready to support digital initiatives wherever they can.

“Facebook is about connecting people and communities, as well as utilizing the power of technology. When we found out that the lockdown measures increased the interest in digital content in Odense, but added to the costs for the libraries, we stepped up to the occasion to support Odense Libraries and the Citizen Service Center”, said Carsten Sørensen, Site Manager at Facebook Odense Data Center.

For the data center,  access to digital content especially for students is viewed as a vital function to maintain their studies from home.

Odense Libraries, who has around 500,000 yearly visitors on their website, and lending around 2 million books, are set on expanding the digital platforms, and donations such as the one from Facebook helps Odense Libraries to achieve this after the crisis.

”We are committed to play a positive role and invest in the long-term vitality of the community in which we operate in”, concludes Carsen Sørensen.

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