Shift Supervisor

Job Type: N/A

Place: Odense, Denmark

Job Description: 

The Security Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the physical security staff. The Security Supervisor leads, coaches and develops a team of Lobby, dock, mobile, escort, rover and gate security officers. The Shift Supervisor develops and delivers daily outcomes and successful completion of assigned security activities each day. The Supervisor monitors completion of security activities from all physical security operations. The Supervisor will monitor radio communications, calls for service and timeliness of completing these calls of service. The Supervisor partners with site leadership and employees to support any operational issues and prepare for potential incidents.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Regularly supervising a team of Uniformed Security Specialists
  • The Supervisor will be responsible for assigning tasks to employees
  • Interviewing, selecting, and training new employees
  • The Supervisor will conduct training as necessary to maintain or improve proficiency and readiness.
  • The Supervisor will routinely measure and assess the proficiency and effectiveness of physical security staff to ensure they are meeting vendor and clients’ expectations.
  • Completing performance appraisals, handling employee grievances or complaints and disciplining employees after consultation with the Security Operations Manager
  • The Supervisor will assist with oversite of daily operations of the physical security operations. This includes, but is not limited to the following: ensuring the team is aware of the daily activities/schedule, addressing scheduling concerns/gaps, and briefing leadership on incidents – potential or realized.
  • The Supervisor will assist with physical security response for business disruptions and crisis management.
  • The Supervisor will fulfill the role of Security Operations Manager, as needed
  • The Supervisor maintains various records of communications and events.
  • The Supervisor will recognize and identify physical security requirements or staffing modifications.
  • The Supervisor works collaboratively with the SOC, GSOC and security leadership team to prepare for, respond to, and recovery from all incidents and crisis events that may impact the client domestically and internationally.
  • The Supervisor uses multiple internal and external resources to gather and manage information and intelligence about events that are occurring both domestically and internationally that may impact the client.
  • The Supervisor communicates and disseminates information, using established communication vehicles, to key partners using best practices.
  • The Supervisor takes an active role in position related projects. The levels of responsibility will vary from consulting to owning projects based on the individual.
  • The Supervisor will manage the maintenance of tools and technologies to complete daily business.
  • Determine the types of equipment to be used in performing work, or materials needed
  • Monitoring work for legal or regulatory compliance while providing for a safe and secure workplace.

Please note that interviews are held continuously. We considers diversity to be a strength and therefore encourage all qualified to apply the job regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnicity and disability.

f you are interested, please email Maria Mardfeldt for further information. 

Contact: Maria Mardfeldt, Employment and Skills Manager, International Technology, Mace, Odense Data Center


M: + (45) 61 38 44 22