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Ny brancheforening skal forløse tusindvis af nye datacenter job

PRESSEMEDDELELSE Opbygning og drift af datacentre rummer et…

Bestyrelse og formandsskab på plads for Datacenter Industrien

Stifterne af brancheforeningen Datacenter Industrien har nu udpeget…

Brancheforening for Datacenter Industrien stiftet

Under et stiftende møde afholdt på Odense Rådhus har en række…

How do we build and operate sustainable data centers for the digital age? Join DDI and @UNEPDTU on 15th May at the UN City in Copenhagen as we gather industry leaders for a big debate on the future of green data centers

Pleased to announce that Microsoft's Sean James is joining the speaker lineup for DDI and @UNEPDTU DTU Partnership's jointly hosted "call for action" conference on sustainable data centers at the UN City in Copenhagen on 15th May 2019.

Event info:

DDI and @UNEPDTU partnering on an event in Copenhagen focusing on sustainable data centers

Data Center conference to focus on sustainability

We are going live soon with our Nordics vs FLAPS webinar with @cbredatacenters @IronMountain and @interxion. tune in here: