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Google to invest in 5 Danish solar parks

Against the backdrop of “Fridays for future” climate demonstrations…

Network in focus at the Networking Meetup in Glostrup

Strong connections were in focus - both for humans and machines…

Odense data center– economic impact and community benefits

With a joint push of a huge “Like button”, Facebook's new…

DataCenterGruppen delivered a complete server room in only 10 weeks

DTU Campus Risø has just expanded its data power with a supercomputer…

Data Centers Denmark event focused on sustainability and innovation

The debate at the event went from “villains” to “electricity-racism”…

Stærke bud på bæredygtige datacentre ved Data Centers Denmark-konference

Både oplægsholderne og debatten nåede vidt omkring med et…

@DanishDCI, in collab with @COWI, has launched a report on the state of the #Danish #datacenter #market, which gives a 360-degree overview of the industry in 🇩🇰. Read more on #DK as an attractive location for #datacentres & how you can download the report:

Webinar on Zero Carbon Emissions in Digitalization!

DDI and @UNEPDTU invites the industry to a webinar on March 3rd to discuss an energy efficient and sustainable digitalization movement.

More information and registration:

PR: Klimaminister @DanJoergensen kvæler grøn fornuft med sort logik for overskudsvarme #dkpol #overskudsvarme #DataCenter