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Google to invest in 5 Danish solar parks

Against the backdrop of “Fridays for future” climate demonstrations…

Network in focus at the Networking Meetup in Glostrup

Strong connections were in focus - both for humans and machines…

Odense data center– economic impact and community benefits

With a joint push of a huge “Like button”, Facebook's new…

DataCenterGruppen delivered a complete server room in only 10 weeks

DTU Campus Risø has just expanded its data power with a supercomputer…

Data Centers Denmark event focused on sustainability and innovation

The debate at the event went from “villains” to “electricity-racism”…

Stærke bud på bæredygtige datacentre ved Data Centers Denmark-konference

Både oplægsholderne og debatten nåede vidt omkring med et…

Facebook talking about their workforce and skills at DDIs focus event in Fredericia is truly inspiring #datacenters #workforce #futureskills

Full house at our data centre skills event in Fredericia @GlobalConnectdk discussing skills requirement for the workforce #datacenterskills

How do we get to #climate-positive #DataCenters?

what #tech innovations and policy approaches do we need to ensure a #CarbonNeutral future for the industry?

➡️Join us for the Data Centers Denmark summit on 13th May in @UNCityCPH.

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DDI will soon be hosting its next focus event in collaboration with Fredericia Maskinmesterskole focusing on data center skills requirements for future growth. It will take place 5th of February 2020.

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