Google inagurates its Fredericia data center

Press Release, 30. November 2020. View in Danish here.

Google inaugurates its new data center in Fredericia today, with a total investment of the site reaching DKK 4.5 billion. The data center has been supporting several thousand jobs during the construction phase, whilst expecting to add up to 150 new permanent jobs once in operation. Google has also been making significant renewable energy investments, contributing to the green transition in Denmark.

The large data center is operated with renewable power and has also spurred on further investment into five Danish solar parks.

“It is one of the most sustainable data centers in the world, and Google yet again demonstrates the way forward towards a green future, similar to the other major players on the market, who have invested in Denmark. They all have very ambitious goals with regards to the use of green energy,” says Henrik Hansen, director of the industry association Danish Data Center Industry.

“The high green ambitions can be achieved in this country, where we not only have an abundance of green energy availability, but we also have the world’s best grid, and therefore the opportunity to utilize the surplus heat in the district heating network. It is a very strong offering and also a very strong argument for Denmark to attract even more investments in the future. Data centers use a lot of electricity, but here in this country we can develop and operate them in a climate-neutral way”.

For the new data center in Fredericia, Google has invested in five Danish solar parks with a total of 160 MW of green energy production going into the Danish energy mix.

According to the recently released report from Copenhagen Economics, the large and long-term contracts, such as the ones with Google’s new data center, are crucial for the establishment of new green energy productions at this scale.

Because of such large-scale private sector investment, it is enabling the Danish company Better Energy, who is responsible for carrying out Google’s solar energy investment, to develop new renewable energy projects without any public funds.

“Google and other large data center operators are creating a solid foundation for these types of renewable energy projects, pushing the agenda for green energy production as well as the overall green transition of our society, “ points out Henrik Hansen.

The Danish Data Center Industry is currently working on bringing together industry actors, to develop new and innovative green solutions for the industry through a joint test center facility. The cross-sector collaboration is focusing on establishing a neutral test center ground, which seeks to explore new and innovative energy efficiency innovations, such as optimizing the use of data center surplus heat.

For further enquiries, please contact: Director of the Danish Data Center Industry Henrik Hansen, phone: +45 40 13 44 74.