Denmark has become recognized on the world map for hyperscale data centres with investments from both Apple and Facebook and expected future investments from Google. The access to secure supply of green power and the opportunities to strengthen the green profile through the use of excess heat provides Denmark with a strong competitive position in regard to attracting data centres.

Many countries in Europe work on attracting the same data centres – often with less green solutions. Therefore, the growingDanish data center industry must be prepared with the newest tecnology through development, test and industry cooperation in order to stay competitive.

The opportunity for creating a business adventure is particularly high in Denmark, as it has been a preferred country for the location of some of the biggest data centres in the world – especially because of the focus on a green profile. There is a need to involve many different stakeholders in this project, e.g., universities, knowledge institutions, public authorities, utility companies – and of course – representatives from the total supply chain of data centres.


The overarching purpose of the TIDA platform is to integrate data centers as part of Denmark’s National Strategy for digitalization and sustainability.

Denmark is at the forefront of the green transition, energy efficiency and digital services, which has attracted a significant amount of foreign investments. With the establishment of a test center, dedicated to data center research and development, Denmark recognizes the role of data centers with regards to the green transition as an integrated solution to smart cities and digitalization of society and business.

Numerous studies report that data centers are responsible for at least 2% of global emissions, which is set to grow exponentially in tandem with the increased demand for digital services.

Whilst efficiencies within the data centers have indeed improved, there is more potential to be harnessed through the development of new approaches and solutions, for example through high-efficiency cooling, thermal energy storage, or by integrating the data center into our energy networks through district heating.

Project Idea

The idea is to establish a test data centre, which can function as a practical research- and innovationlab for both private and public stakeholders in the data center industry.

The test centre should be able to support the development of Danish solutions to the global challenges of continious demand for data and data centres. For Denmark it is a unique opportunity to build and operate data centres with Danish technology in order to focus on and contribute to solving the green transition.