Globally, the data center industry is experiencing a skill shortage.  With many seasoned data center employees reaching retirement age in a rapidly growing industry, data center operators face staffing problems.

Today, operators are struggling to recruit and retain sufficient qualified staff to provide and grow reliable operations. In Uptime Institute’s 2018 annual global survey of data center operators, over half of the respondents reported that they were having difficulty finding qualified candidates as well as retaining current staff.

The world of data centers is a very complex one. The staffing needs of data centers are therefore equally complex, ranging from facilities people to keep the power supply and cooling dependable, to people at the cutting edge of networking technology to keep the data center doing what data centers are supposed to do – keep data flowing.

There are many strategies for attracting and keeping data center staff. It is therefore vital for the industry to come together with the public sector and the educational systems to enable a future workforce for this dynamic industry. DDI is dedicated to bring together the various actors, in order to exchange information, network and find solutions to tackle one of the most pressing issues in the industry.


Skills and Competencies event, 18 September, UCL, Odense (In Danish only)
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Skills working group formal meeting, January 2020, Fredericia (tbc)