Energy & Sustainability

Due to the exponential growth of data centers, a growth in power consumption is inevitable, but can be kept low by energy efficiency measures. The data center industry aims to contribute proactively on this matter and thrives to be one of the first industries reaching these goals.


DDI supports and welcomes new innovations and techniques in the field of cooling (free cooling, smart and liquid cooling), heat storage, photonics and new architectural applications that reduce the power consumption of data centers in the long term. Danish clean-tech companies, together with the utility sector, have a unique chance to explore new opportunities for heat reuse, energy storage and microgrid

solutions together with the leading internet giants. This will not only support decarbonization of the sector in Denmark but will also offer opportunities to export Danish solutions to the global market.

DDI is actively participating in projects such as the industry, which aims to explore opportunities for data center waste heat production for district heating, as well as reduce data centers electricity consumption for cooling. Furthermore, DDI has the ambition to set up the Test & Innovation Data Center Denmark (TIDA) project together with its members, with the aim to explore unique Danish solutions aimed at tackling rising data center energy consumption globally.

Current projects in development:

TIDA: Test & Innovation Center Denmark

Danish District Heating Association Project: “Reuse of Data Center Excess Heat”

Research Gate Whitepaper: “Towards Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chains in the Data Center Industry” – Release 2021, FMS, SDU, Rittal, DDI