DDI Working Group: Strategic Positioning
Chair: Ulrik Fleischer-Michaelsen

The data center market is a relatively new but growing sector. In order to stay competitive against other more established European data center locations, we must continue to highlight the strategic importance of Denmark as a leading data center hub in the Nordics and wider Europe.

DDI will support initiatives that highlight the strategic importance of Denmark as a data center location. Supporting the efforts by Invest in Denmark and other strategic partners in Denmark and abroad, will ensure that Denmark stays competitive.

GOALS: In order to achieve this overall objective, DDI sets three goals:

Goal 1: Production of reports/fact sheet which supports investments into the Danish market, including data traffic, location strategies etc.
Goal 2: Support import and export activities with strategic partners in Denmark and in other key markets such as Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia, and US.
Goal 3: Ingoing support of Invest in Denmark activities + regular dialogue

Each of these goals requires separate strategies in order to achieve them. To achieve each goal, some of the strategies that DDI could undertake include:

Strategies for Goal 1: To produce fresh data which can be used and repurposed to attract new investments/expansion into Denmark.
Measurement: At a minimum produce a fact sheet or market report on various topics impacting up to date site selection criteria.

Strategies for Goal 2: Actively work with DDI partners in Europe to encourage import/export activities US)
Measurement: Set up of study exchange trips to EU/US markets in late 2021/2022 (France, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland to promote inward investments and export opportunities for members

Strategies for Goal 3:
Active and ongoing dialogue with Invest in Denmark to support various initiatives to promote inward investments.
Measurement: Productive and ongoing collaboration.

= Debriefing by chair 2- 3 times a year

WG Meetings:
1st WG Breifing 3 September from 13.00-14.30 (Online)
WG focus area presentation 14 September from 14.00 (In Person)