DataCenterGruppen delivered a complete server room in only 10 weeks

DTU Campus Risø has just expanded its data power with a supercomputer consisting of 524 servers with 16,768 cores. DataCenterGruppen has delivered the server container, all connections and the devices, where the servers are installed and now in operation.

One of Denmark’s largest server parks is located a little north of Roskilde at DTU Campus Risø, which is part of the Technical University of Denmark, where among other things wind energy is being researched and different energy models are being simulated.

In the northern part of DTU Campus Risø, a dozen oversize containers have been gathered in a secluded area during the past six years. Here, the supercomputers of various educational institutions are being kept. The newest container in the server park belongs to DTU, who a few months ago received it in total contract from DataCenterGruppen.

– We made a tendering procedure with three invited companies, where we rated their prices and solution descriptions. DataCenterGruppen was chosen because of their solution, match and economy, says Head of Department Bent Bøgelund Hansen, DTU.

– In addition, DataCenterGruppen’s electricity and cooling departments are responsible for servicing the daily operations, adds engineer Esben Højrup.

The new supercomputer is budgeted for a total of DKK 25 million, of which the price of the server container delivered turn key with all electricity and cooling installations is running up to a little more than DKK 7 million.

Inside the container that is the server room for the new supercomputer at DTU Risø. From the right: Department leader Bent Bøgelund Hansen, AIT net Group, AIT Risø Campus; engineer Esben Højrup, CAS Risø; and project manager Lars Falkenberg Rasmussen, DataCenterGruppen.


Tight Schedule

– From receiving the order on the server container until it was in operation, only 10 weeks passed. We were under pressure, but we kept the schedule, smiles Lars Falkenberg Rasmussen.

The server container is designed to be used for multiple generations of computers.

– It is our experience that a new generation of computers, which the server container is installed with, can last for 1-4 years, after which we have to follow the development and upgrade to a new generation. That’s why we require that the server container can last for 2-3 generations of computers, elaborates Bent Bøgelund Hansen.

The new server container is mounted on top of another server container – and they are even constructed so that a third server container can be mounted on top of the existing ones.


More subcontractors

DataCenterGruppen does not have all the expertise in-house, so the server container itself was delivered by Jytas A/S, who scaled up two 40-foot containers in width and height to the required size, after which they were grouped into one container. The container is designed so that, if necessary, another container can be mounted upstairs.

One of the biggest challenges with the server rooms is the cooling, as the tightly mounted computers are  warming quite a lot.

– The container is for 30 racks, where we have to cool with 500 kW in extremely limited space. Therefore, we always demand to get space for as many servers as possible because refrigeration and installations cost the same regardless of the number, Esben Højrup says.

Therefore, DataCenterGruppen, together with their subcontractor, Weiss Doppeltbodensystem from Germany, constructed a special floor of double units, so the cooling provides double cooling capacity compared to the traditional cooling solution. This means safer, redundant and much more efficient cooling from the two active refrigeration supplies. Behind the servers you can keep the temperature on 37 degrees, while in the corridors you can lower the temperature to 22 degrees.

For the delivery of the 30 racks and additional 8 in-line cooling units (type LCP), DataCenterGruppen chose Rittal A/S, which specializes in infrastructure solutions. At the same time, AB Electric (A/S) has been responsible for the power supply.

– We have had an absolutely perfect collaboration with DataCenterGruppen. So we are ready to return, concludes Bent Bøgelund Hansen, DTU.





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