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Digital services should be ‘eco-labelled’ survey reveals

Survey reveals nearly seven in ten Scandinavians want digital services to be ‘eco-labelled’ for sustainable clarity. Nearly seven out of ten people in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, want to have eco-labelling of digital services according to a new survey commissioned by datacenter operator, DigiPlex. Every time we stream a TV series, check social media or […]

NOVENCO A/S secures significant Facebook order

DDI member NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S, a market leader in energy efficient direct “free cooling” solutions for data centers, has received two significant orders from Facebook The Danish company NOVENCO A/S, with its headquartes in Naestved in Denmark, will be providing cooling solutions for two new Facebook data center buildings in the USA. The […]


DigiPlex, a Nordic data centre colocation provider, has recently joined the Danish Data Center Industry (DD)) to share knowledge, participate to the expansion of the digital economy in the Denmark, and further their reach into the regional data center market. Denmark was an obvious target for DigiPlex. The Nordic data centre company has a strong […]

Data Center Investments: Nordics vs. FLAPS

Derek Webster,  Andget Ltd Consulting In a FLAP or in the wrong tier location?  Why are European data centers in a FLAP (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris)? Also called ‘Tier 1 locations’ where there is high concentrations of data center investments? They are approximately above and below latitude N 50°, which also has the highest […]

The “Open” opportunity for the Danish data center ecosystem: Interview with OCP’s John Laban

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is an open source hardware community movement which aims to bring transparency to hardware development by sharing ideas and innovations collectively to be better and more efficient. The non-profit OCP Foundation started in 2011 by the hyperscalers (Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc) but has now grown to include the worlds Telecommunications […]