Indlæg af Datacenter Industrien

Danish data center purchased by Penta Infra

Sentia Denmark’s data center in Glostrup is purchased by European data center provider Penta Infra. Sentia has chosen to divest the data center as a bid to focus more on cloud services and digital experience management. “Running a data center is not Sentia’s core business. Therefore, we have decided to sell this part of the […]

Invitation to the inauguration of the FMS data centre

By Fredericia Maskinmesterskole It is with immense pleasure that FMS hereby invites the industry to the formal inauguration of a small-scale data centre to which the industry has contributed to. Thanks to the immense support, FMS students will be able to gain a unique insight into data centre operation. They will get hands-on experience that […]

Denmark dubbed as the best place in the world to build a data center

Denmark tops Investment Monitors Data Centre Ranking 2020, closely followed by its Nordic neighbors Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Tech Monitor reports that Denmark has come out on top in the index conducted by Investment Monitor, which measured countries around the globe on 29 benchmarks. The index covers areas within IT Infratructure, energy, security, costs, and […]

Interxion to build its third data center in Denmark

The European colocation  provider Interxion: A digital Realty Company announced recently that it is expanding its digital footprint in Denmark by  building its third data center in Ballerup near Copenhagen. Interxion is commencing the construction of the CPH3 site, which will have up to a total of 7,000m2 data center space, with a power capacity […]

Spildvarme fra Nordeas data center bliver til fjernvarme i Høje Taastrup

Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme og Nordea har indgået et nyt samarbejde, hvor overskudsvarmen fra bankens servere, genbruges i et omfang svarende til opvarmningen af ca. 700 husstande. Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme sætter i forbindelse med det nye overskudsvarmeprojekt, fokus på at udnytte spildvarme, fra Nordea bankens serverrum på Helgeshøj Allé i Taastrup. Projektet blev iværksat på baggrund […]

Udvidelse af Facebooks datacenter i Odense: Nye jobs og mere overskudsvarme – nu til 11.000 hustande

Facebook offentliggør i dag, at man udvider Odense datacenteret med næsten 30.000 kvadratmeter. Opførelsen indledes nu og ventes at give omtrent 900 arbejdspladser, når byggeriet er på sit højeste – udover de nuværende faste 175 arbejdspladser, der hører til driften af datacenteret . Når byggeriet er færdigt, vil det samlede datacenter repræsentere en investering på dansk […]

Google to invest in 5 Danish solar parks

Against the backdrop of “Fridays for future” climate demonstrations around the world, Google is stepping up in support of the climate agenda with historic investments in renewable energy around the world, including 5 solar parks in Denmark. Google’s investment in solar and wind energy now totals to around $ 7 billion. dollars so far. The […]

Network in focus at the Networking Meetup in Glostrup

Strong connections were in focus – both for humans and machines – at DDI’s networking meetup 10th September 2019 at GlobalConnect in Glostrup. Besides the delicious cakes DDI’s members were offered a glimpse into the future of the next generation of data centers and a strengthening of the personal network among the 55 members that […]

Varde Kommune køber jord til datacenter

Danmarks stærke position som ‘hot spot’ for datacentre viser sig nu også i Varde Kommune, som har købt en ti hektar grund til brug for et datacenter øst for Varde by. – Vi sørger for at købe et stykke jord, så vi kan planlægge det, så alle kan komme videre, siger borgmester Erik Buhl (V) […]