Microsoft-investering understreger Danmarks styrker for datacentre


Softwaregiganten har i dag offentliggjort sin hidtil største investering i Danmark nogensinde med opbygningen af en ny dansk datacenterregion på Sjælland. Investeringen i egne datacentre i tre store serverhaller beløber sig til et ikke oplyst milliardbeløb, og den understreger Danmarks stærke position i den internationale konkurrence.

“Investeringen er et udtryk for vores store anerkendelse af Danmarks grønne og digitale lederskab globalt, og vores ønske om at bidrage positivt til Danmarks fremtid,” siger Brad Smith, President i Microsoft.

De store investeringer blev offentliggjort i Microsofts danske hovedkvarter i selskab med bl.a. finansminister Nicolai Wammen, hvilket understreger betydning af den nye investering.

“Vi får nu endnu en stor investering fra den meget globale branche, og det understreger, at vi har rigtigt meget at byde herhjemme, når det gælder digitalisering og bæredygtig drift af datacentre,” påpeger Henrik Hansen, direktør for brancheforeningen Datacenter Industrien.

“Udover de mange danske kvaliteter med bl.a. god infrastruktur, meget stabil strømforsyning, og en veluddannet arbejdsstyrke, kan vi også tilbyde grøn energi og mulighed for udnyttelse af overskudsvarmen. Det er stærke kort, vi har på hånden, så vi forventer endnu flere investeringer i fremtiden.

Microsoft vil udelukkende bruge strøm fra vedvarende energi på sine nye danske datacentre. Det er samtidig målet at nedbringe affaldsmængden til et rundt nul i 2030, ligesom en meget høj andel af det elektroniske affald skal genanvendes.

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Denmark dubbed as the best place in the world to build a data center

Denmark tops Investment Monitors Data Centre Ranking 2020, closely followed by its Nordic neighbors Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Tech Monitor reports that Denmark has come out on top in the index conducted by Investment Monitor, which measured countries around the globe on 29 benchmarks. The index covers areas within IT Infratructure, energy, security, costs, and market conditions to scout for the world’s best data center location. Denmark scored the first place with 78.70 points, followed narrowly by Sweden’s second place with 78.25 points. Finland came in 5th place  (75.39) with Norway scoring the 6th place (73.70).

Denmark tops the Data Centre Ranking 2020

It comes as no surprise that the Nordic countries are dominating in the greenfield data center space due to several advantages this region has, including cooler climate, abundance of renewable energy as well as lucrative and innovative business environments.

Despite the fierce competition, Denmark came out on top of the 2020 ranking, scoring high on IT infrastructure, high speed connectivity and robust security alongside power, land and water availability.

“Denmark has been able to attract prominent data center investors such as Apple, Facebook and Google, and is currently seeing a wave of investments from notable colocation providers. We have the necessary infrastructure and optimal environment to build and operate data centers that are highly sustainable, efficient, connected and secure ,” says Henrik Hansen, CEO of the Danish Data Center Industry.

Danish Data Center Industry will be diving further into the market conditions in Denmark, with the release of their Danish Data Center Market report 2021.

“This year, we released our very first market report covering the Danish data center market. We are currently gathering data for our 2021 report, which will provide a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of market dynamics, trends and forecasts,” says COO Merima Dzanic, who is spearheading the research. The report will be released to the members of the association in March 2021.


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Interxion to build its third data center in Denmark

The European colocation  provider Interxion: A digital Realty Company announced recently that it is expanding its digital footprint in Denmark by  building its third data center in Ballerup near Copenhagen.

Interxion is commencing the construction of the CPH3 site, which will have up to a total of 7,000m2 data center space, with a power capacity availability of up to 14,4 megawatts. The first phase of the data center is expected to be up and running by 2022.

Interxion is one of the leading colocation providers in Denmark, hosting data on behalf of prominent and large-scale enterprises in Denmark, as well as many public organizations.

The company, with its headquarters in the Netherlands, was acquired by the US-based data center provider Digital Realty in 2019.

Exponential data growth

Interxion is expanding its digital footprint due to the increasing demand for data, which has reached all time levels, spurred on by ever-increasing hybrid IT deployments.

“Data volumes increase like we have never seen before. And in recent years, data is increasingly moving from internal on-premise data centers towards clouds and colocation data centers like the ones we operate. This, together with the exponential increase in the amount of data generated, has created an increased demand for enterprises to harness the power of data gravity and deploy their critical infrastructure at key centers for data exchange. Interxion’s Copenhagen campus forms a key hub at the heart of digital Denmark, which offers a uniquely attractive business climate for companies to conduct business”,  says Peder Bank, Managing Director at Interxion Nordics.

The added capacity to Interxion’s portfolio is an indicator that the future for businesses and organisations will be data-driven.

“With the proliferation of the digital economy, companies are today dealing with a higher volume of increasingly diverse data than ever before. Interxion’s expansion in Copenhagen reflects the growing demands for data, which signals that there will be a need for all types of data centers, including hyperscale, colo and edge, in order to keep up with a data hungry world”, says Henrik Hansen, CEO of the Danish Data Center Industry. 

Digital Denmark

Denmark has seen a wave of data center investments in recent years, and holds the top place in the recently released Data Center Ranking 2020 by Investment Monitor, dubbing the country as the best place in the world to build a data center.

“In Denmark we have the right conditions to ensure that the facilities are built and run in a sustainable and highly efficient manner”, adds Henrik Hansen.

About Interxion: A Digital Realty Company

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